Kitchen Door Accessories

Hinges and Handles


Hinges connect the door to the kitchen cabinet. They should be strong and durable as they are used repeatedly in the kitchen, day in, day out.

Both Blum and Hettich hinges have a reputation for top quality and construction and while Blum is the default brand we supply with our doors, we also supply Hettich hinges upon request.


The handles are the finishing touch to your doors and in addition to being attractive, it should be well made to withstand the many years of constant use required. Choose your door handles from a large range of beautiful and durable Kethy handles.

All we need is the Code, Colour, Centre Size(s) and Quantity of the handles so we can quote or supply the handles to you.

Decorative Items

Decorative items like flutes, rosettes, corbels, pyramids and fretwork add timeless elegance to architectural and artistic designs. These intricate details enhance aesthetics, offering a touch of sophistication and craftsmanship to furniture, molding, and interior spaces, creating a harmonious blend of form and function.


Flutes and rosettes are available together or separately. Choose the width, length and type you want. You can also have the option to add rosettes


Rosettes and Flutes are available together or separately. Choose the dimensions you want. This can be available as raw or can be painted together with your order of kitchen doors and panels.


Decorative corbels are generally used in traditional style kitchens under benchtops and usually in conjunction with flutes

They are sometimes used around range hoods for decorative effect. It comes in 235mm x 70mm x 65mm dimensions (Length x Width x Depth) respectively.


Decorative pyramids are generally used in modern style kitchens under benchtops and usually in conjunction with flutes

Wine Racks

Wine racks are available custom made to your requirements with any number of openings and in various sizes


Fretwork available in 600, 900 and 1200 lengths x 120mm wide and or other custom made sizes. Please inquire for the other types of fretwork or engraved designs

Capping mould

Capping enhances both aesthetics and functionality, seamlessly marrying style and durability, elevating the overall design of the kitchen cupboards.

Available in 3600mm lengths or cut size to suit your requirements. (Dental Capping only available in 2400mm lengths)