Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Copyright

Privacy Policy

We value your privacy. Sydney Doors will only use information supplied by you for the purpose for which it was supplied and such information will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent, or unless required by law.

Additional information may be voluntarily supplied through online forms and email for specific purposes. If you subscribe to our newsletter we may contact you from time to time with further information about our goods and services. All personal details are held in a secured database which is only accessible to specific members of the Sydney Doors organisation.

All our electronic communications provide the option of removal from our database, which takes place within 7 days. For further information or for removal from our database please contact Sydney Doors at


Any advice given by Sydney Doors is general in nature only and may not take into consideration the specific needs of your situation. It is your responsibility to check whether information given is applicable to you and by going ahead with any order, you take responsibility for, and agree that the details of all items as listed on our quote(s)/invoice(s) and any supporting correspondence, is correct. If unsure, please engage the services of a suitably qualified and licensed professional who can advise you onsite.

If you are a DIY’er, you are not an industry professional. Due to this fact, errors can occasionally occur. If you go ahead with an order, you agree to accept responsibility for any errors that occur due to misinformation that you supply or our misinterpretation of your information if it is not as per industry standard. We encourage all orders to be lodged on our Quote/Order forms in an effort to limit errors and misinterpretation of information. Remember though, that if an error occurs, the panel(s) or door(s) can be repaired or remade.

All our doors and panels are custom made with a combination of computer controlled and hand operated machinery. The components of manufacture that are made by hand are subject to minor variations in size and finish. This can become obvious if jobs are ordered in separate lots. The doors and panels are hand sanded and spray painted by hand. We perform quality control and check all items for imperfections, and will reject those with obvious faults. However, any minor imperfections in the paint finish which are not immediately obvious, are not considered faults. By going ahead with your order, you agree to accept these conditions.

Routing of MDF material may cause a slight bowing of the material. This is normal and will most likely be within the Australian standards.

Before going ahead with your order, please read the Terms and Conditions page of our website.


Sydney Doors designs, marketing materials, including website design, pages, documents and online graphics, are the sole property of Sydney Doors and are protected under applicable copyrights, trademarks and other proprietary (including but not limited to intellectual property) rights. Copyright of Sydney Doors materials resides with Sydney Doors. Apart from any fair dealing for the purposes of study, research and review, as permitted under copyright legislation, no part of these services may be reproduced, re-used or redistributed for any purpose whatsoever, or distributed to a third party for such purpose, without written permission from the management of Sydney Doors.