Kitchen Door Details

Drawer Fronts

You can choose how you would like your drawers made; with an individual pattern on each drawer front or as a door with a single pattern, which is then cut to drawer sizes.

We allow a 3mm gap between each drawer front and for drawers routed as a door, we will need the overall door size as well as each drawer height.  TIP: Add all drawer heights together (in each drawer bank) plus allow 3mm for each gap, then check that the total measurement is the same height as any adjoining doors.

Drawer Fronts

Pantry Doors

If you have chosen a design to go on the face of your kitchen doors, you will need to specify whether you’d like one or two patterns on your pantry doors and whether the door is to be routed as one door or to match any adjacent bottom kitchen doors. If not specified, our standard is to match adjacent bottom kitchen doors. If you wish to choose your rail sizes please advise us or we will manufacture to our standard sizes.

Pantry Doors


Kickboards are available painted to match your doors or in brushed aluminium finish. Please nominate your kickboard sizes height x width in mm when requesting a quote or placing an order.


Glass Frame Doors and French Doors (aka Glazing Bars)

Glass framed doors complement your kitchen design. We will manufacture any frames ordered to complement the door design you have chosen (unless you request another type). French doors also known as glazing bars can be ordered with any even number of windows to suit your door size.

Glass Types

We can fit plain, opaque, white or superwhite glass to the back of the doors.

For Industry Professionals

The standard rebate on the back of frames is a single cut out, however for glazing bars, they may be ordered with individually rebated openings for the fitting of beveled glass. The sizes of the back rebate(s) can be specified by you, if required. Our standard rebate is 9mm wide. Glass frames are manufactured in 18mm white satin MR MDF. Frames made from 21 or 25mm are available at extra cost. Custom shaped frames are available on request.

Glass Frame Doors

Plain, end and filler panels

Plain, end and filler panels are available in 16 or 18mm MR MDF and cut to size as per your requirements. Please advise which edges need to be rounded off and which need to be straight i.e. panel edges that will be against a wall or other flat surface, can have straight edges, but any edges that are exposed should be rounded. Also, if some or all of the back of the panel will be visible, it will need to be painted. You will need to specify this in your order. You can choose either a 100mm strip painted on the left or right side of the back (or both), or the full back and front painted.

Plain, End and Filler Panels

Kitchen Bench Bar Panels

If you have chosen a design to go on the face of your kitchen doors, you may also specify the number of patterns that you’d like to go onto the bar panel. If you don’t specify this then we will calculate the number of patterns according to the size of the panel and manufacture accordingly.

Kitchen Bench Bar panels

Microwave and Oven Frame

Appliance Frames

For frames around such appliances as ovens, microwaves, coffee makers etc and roller doors, please specify the external and internal dimensions in mm and top, bottom and side rail sizes.


Shelves can be cut to size as per your requirements. Please specify internal dimensions and sides and to be painted. You may send a sketch to illustrate your shelf requirements.